Thursday, August 16, 2012

WFA Political Term- Political Impurity

Political Impurity- Some would say the words politics and purity is an oxymoron as the two conflicts. Impurity is inherent in the political world; the individuals involved must adhere to a certain satiny, shiny facade.  Politicians are under rigorous pressure to uphold themselves to a higher standard. They pontificate an image without flaw, a vision without imperfect direction. "If you vote for me, you will get x, y and z". It's unrealistic, considering that plans and proposals have a process, an order, that they can not truly finalize. Even now, with millions of dollars pouring into campaigns, it is clear and evident that politicians can not realistically uphold any sort of real promise to all parties involved. There is a struggle between all sides involved. The politician faces a tremendous amount of pressure to relinquish any sort of control, in exchange for a particular office. On the surface politicians appear polished and if they are really good at maintaining the lie, they may seem perfect. Yet the process is tainted.

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