Friday, June 17, 2011

WFA Political Term- The Rothschild’s Game

Many of these companies market enough to obtain the initial traffic or interest. But they do not offer enough to sustain a long standing audience. It’s too difficult, for one. Long-term existence is close to impossible on the internet because competition is vast. So these software and site owners are looking to make a quick let’s say $100,000,0­00 and then they move on to something else. They know what they are doing. The investors play a key part as well. If they can garner enough public interest in a piece of stock, they make more money. They release articles to offer additional shares in that stock as well. I would like to call this whole ordeal the Rothschild's Game. If you can make the public or other investors believe one thing about a piece of stock, those that are pulling the strings will make a crap load of money.

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