Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The U.S. will hit legal debt limit in May; the debt ceiling has to be raised in order to borrow; What do you think?

56-60 male says:

Even if the debt limit is raised, it does not mean we can continue to borrow without MAJOR reduction in government spending. Our lenders expect to be repaid. We are quickly approaching a point when our entire Gross National Product will not met our debt payment.
For those that do not know the Gross National Product is the cost of very product or service the citizens of the United States provide in a single year.
We can end up like Greece and Ireland or we can take control of the spending with major government spending cuts. The government should stop spending on wants and just spend on nothing but what is necessary.
It is time that the government elite stop living like kings and queens and the citizens being subjects to their will.

36- 40 female says:

What I think is that it should not be raised and that we should get out of the three wars we are in and use that money to help our economy. One thing The Donald said that made sense is that China makes ****** products and sells them cheep and we can build the same things here and should.

31-35 male, Portland, Oregon says:

Time to end the wars, subsidies aka corp handouts, corporate tax loopholes, and most foreign aid. China can make cheap crap and sell it to us because their workers are paid poor wages. It would be illegal for American companies to pay as little as the Chinese do.