Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soaring housing costs is causing Americans to choose between paying rent or buying food; what do you think?

"Around 10 million American households -- or one in every four families that rent their homes -- could have to chose between paying rent, buying groceries or keeping current with bills..." according to a Huffington Post article

46-50 male says:

Hi julenedellamor
tax rich people fairly.

18-21 male says:

American people must start taking a close look at banking operations. there is a higher level of fraud than most people will imagine. is the bank not a fine place to invest your money? how many busineses are there that guarantee the stakeholder big profits when everything is rosy, and make the taxpayer pay out when its not? but really, its much worse what they actually doing. It truly is fraudulent. but the goverment cant touch them. the banks are going

31-35 female says:

Welcome to what a lot of the world has been dealing with for a while now. At least you have clean drinking water and access to food.

46-50 male, Mineral Wells, Texas says:

Wages have not kept up with living expenses. The banking system is only a symptom. It seems that the "system" is gamed to keep the rich getting richer at everyone else's detriment. Productivity has gone up but wages of working people (the ones who work in factories, etc) have been stagnant. It has been this way since the mid seventies.

Move your money from banks to credit unions.

36- 40 female, Renton, Washington says:

thank Obama for turning on the presses two years ago and not turning them off ever.

Your money is worth about 20 cents less per dollar just from that.

As for the banks, remember that every loan made has multiple pages asking you if you understand your obligation to pay. If you signed it and you don't pay, why are you whining?

The whole bit about how evil banks are might actually make a little sense if interest rates weren't at about the lowest rates since the 60's.

31- 35 female says:

it's funny how media are so behind on the real climate here in America; if they are behind, then I am quite sure politicians are in the dark.

If millions of Americans are homeless, then I am quite sure there is a significant number that may still have a home and struggling to maintain them.