Thursday, April 7, 2011

McDonald's plan to hire 50,000 workers in one day; is this publicity or generosity?

(This is a typical hiring number for McDonald's every year, leading up to summer months, but hiring in one day across the U.S. is unique.)

56-60 male says:

Let's say they hire them all at the same time. That may bump up the employment numbers temporarily, but many of them will quit or be let go after about a six months to a year--just in time for the unemployment numbers to go up closer to the 2012 election... Even corporations that give to both will tend to heavily favor the one they want to win or expect to win. They hedge their bets somewhat by giving SOME money to the other party/candidate. You might want to see which party tends to be favored by the NRA (in this case, the National Restaurant Association). FOLLOW THE MONEY.

45-50 male says:

Wow so the American dream has become come work at McDonald ?

31-35 female says:

This is so redundant. Like its has been stated, McDonald's is filling a yearly quota. They have not increased their hiring rate. The fact they are fulfilling this quota in one day is simply about publicity. McDonald's average working wage does not satisfy a substantial standard of living. On another note, it's a job and thank goodness they exist! If it wasn't for places like McDonald's, the job market will be far more terrifying!