Thursday, April 21, 2011

Does the American "Ghetto" exclusively have a black face on it?

31-35 male says:

To a great deal the answer is no . But unfortunately thanks to black belief / support in Democrat gospel and policies Blacks still have a big monopoly on the ghetto . Where I m from there are some " ghetto " white areas too

18-21 female says:

Not to me.

31-35 female says:

Not anymore

36-40 male, Atlanta Georgia says:

No. We have them with all ethnicities represented.

18- 21 male says:


36-40 female says:

I can't answer for america but in australia I my economic situation is almost black ghetto and I am white female. the aboriginal people here are disadvantaged also here over overseas people coming here and taking jobs etc high expenses of education make it hard for the aboriginal and the white born Australian who has long ancestors here a chance up the scale. I live with my parents in a poverty pensioner situation- with a broken down house and its not looking great for the future. I have been told that human rights no longer recognises poverty as purely a black status thing it has become much more pocketed world wide. we have a lot of black, or asian, and latino etc and white foreigners coming here who live very above the poverty line.... and some that don't.

31-35 male says:

No it does not. That is just ignorance thinking that being "ghetto " is a certain racial group. To is about the class of people and that could be of any race or nationality. It is all in the attitude and behaviors.

26-30 male says:

In a hollywood sense it kind of does...
But it is also the Latino stuff aswel... and also the white trailer trash stuff...

So not exclusively.... but with the music industry and all that other stuff..... it seems to be something that is embraced anyways.

31-35 female says:

when you see an example of a different face other than black, then please by all means notify me. Because no other ethnicity aside from Black has been the face of the ghetto since The 1950's. So the ghetto has been stamped all over with black. Wake up people. For those of us that feel that we reside in a perfect world, or one that is pretty and is idealistic, you have to wake up from that dream of yours. "We can only advance if we know and speak the truth about our progress"! It's just that simple.