Tuesday, April 12, 2011

China wants the U.S. to stay out of other countries' human rights affairs; what do you think?

41-45 female says:

In accordance with the ideology that countries like the US promote who believe in basic human rights, I'd say that the Chinese government has the basic human right to hold and express its opinions.

22-25 male. Lisbon, Portugal says:

Human rights affairs should only be threated and controled by the UN......they are the one's responsible for the human rights document after all....
America has the tendency to see themselfs as the cops of the world, but they meddle a lot where they shouldn't.....

31-35 male says:

I think "human rights" is a liberal propaganda tool used to take away rights rather than to give any. one cannot be made equal to another simply by making a "right" a law to be obeyed. peoples minds have to change, and not forcably so.

46-50 male, Mineral Wells, Texas says:

How do you feel when another country criticizes yours? For example, the Pope making a speech about capital punishment in the US or the prisoners at Gitmo.

36-40 male says:

China has a population of about 1.3 billion people....sounds like to much hanky panky freedom to me!!!

61-65 male says:

Here's what gets down to the wire , They Don't want anyone telling them how to raise their children , Child Protection is done solely by the parents and early on in life the children learn how to defend themselves .

41-45 male says:

Yes sir, they own us.

22-25 male, Ontario, Canada

I agree. If it's not affecting them directly, why get involved?

Focus on your own country and your own people in need.

31-35 female, Illinois says:

The U.S. is getting very sloppy or noticeably sloppy in their human rights affairs. People are not naive anymore. Also, I saw a statement that the United States has the highest crime rate out of any nation. Racism is deeply embedded here. It would seem like we would take care of our own messy national affairs before we start meddling with anyone else. Hell, we can't even take care of our sick, poor, elderly and prior service men. I think that's kind of ridiculous, yah think?