Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Would you classify Obama as a politician or leader?

26-30 female says:

Politician, his 'leading' as he calls it, is screwing up our country

36-40 female says:

He is both I would say and if you ask me all politicians are full of ****...

26-30 female says:

He is, by definition, both. Question he good at being either?

36-40 male says:


36-40 male says:

He must be a politician. I real leader would keep his promises and get the troops back home!

46-50 male says:

Presidents are, at best, administrators. The actual leaders of our country are the four-five hundred wealthiest families that run the following corporations/entities: IMF, World Bank, JP Morgan, Chase, CIA, World Trade Organization, Federal Reserve, Exxon, Halliburton, Clear Channel, GE, Walt Disney Company, News Corporation, Viacom, Time Warner. The leadership they keep constant, but welcome periodic administrators every four years. It doesn't matter from what party as they're two wings of the same bird called Corporatocracy.

36-40 male, Arizona says:

Definitely a politician, leaders have value in society, Obama is worthless.

36-40 female, UK says:

Kinda a leader....As a Brit he's not doing anything that we hoped for....he likes some of our ideals - ie, the NHS healthcare for all - but some of the americans think that's a 'commie trick', which I don't understand!Never mind...some people ARE ignorant, aren't they?I think the lad's trying his's a hard time to be a leader of any country though....

36-40 male says:

He is a politician that is doing whatever he feels will get him re-elected. He is failing as a leader.

36-40 says:

You left out Warmonger

41-45 says:

yes, of course but both are his job. His last 2 years will show it all.

26-30 female says:

Politician, he's still campaigning for goodness sake :( Leader? I honestly think he's a puppet for the left wing, I don't believe he is running our nation

31- 35 female, Illinois says:

Well we all know he is an excellent politician. I can not classify him as a successful leader until he has completed his term. Personally, he won me during his campaign for presidency. I was a Hillary supporter. However, I have not been moved by him as president.