Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What government official or politician do you feel is doing a horrible job?

ricksucks says:

Obama, Scott, hell name a politician and he is just looking out for himself. Fire them all.

franklyspeaking says:

Any/All who are being/have been bought by the Koch (rhymes with "smoke") brothers--such as the soon-to-be impeached/recalled governor of Wisconsin (and, perhaps, the governor of Ohio if he follows his right-wing puppetmasters).They have jammed a sharp stick into the eye of a sleeping tiger--and it will eat them.

GoodGurlGonBadAz says:

Obama is great. He's really doing good.

MeltedPetal says:

Um.... Obama?

mistycloud says:

Any poliotician that's not putting the interest of the people they serve first.

(26-30 male) says:

I can't single out one......

Unknown says:

Any Republican or Tea Party Member.