Monday, March 14, 2011

Should we rid or reform labor unions in the U.S.?

66-70 Arizona, female says:

I doubt they are 'almost gone'. Unions can play a really important part in our economy. I think they have self-reformed over the years.

41-45male says:


18-21male says:

People are in the **** if unions crumble

Unknown says:

Anyone who "thinks" unions are the source of the US's economic problems is a clueless rube or someone with a vested interest in lying.If every dollar earned in the US by every means were taxed at a flat rate of 17%, the US would have a balanced budget in 2011. Tax loopholes allow the wealthy to avoid paying their share of taxes.Loopholes don't exist for those earning wages. The working class in the US - including unions - ARE paying their fair share of taxes. The union bashing going on is simply an attempt to destroy the rights and protections of workers. The goal is to pay people less and take away their rights.

51-55 female says:

I think big reform while they were set up for the good to many times now to big and out of hand.

26-30males says:

Abolish them like slavery

Unknown says:

reform = stronger

Unknown says:

Unions really do need to be revived. The rich have been doing super well since Reagan became president. Would anyone rather earn minimum wage or $15+ an hour with rights in the workplace? Unions are the only way to get anything out of employers. They prefer for their workers to work for nothing, with no rights or benefits, with no recourse for any actions taken. Don't working people deserve an advocate at work?

41-45 female says:

They are a bit out dated at the moment so reform would be my guess. They are almost gone now.

Unknown says:

unions are on life-support in this country and if people don't wake the **** up they'll be doomed to a life of serfdom and have no one to blame but themselves.