Thursday, March 10, 2011

Should Clarence Thomas maintain his US Supreme Court position?

Unknown says:

Unless and until he's convicted of a crime which would warrant his removal, yes. Whether you like him or not, we have procedures and a legal system in this country, and it applies to ******** just as much as it does to good people.

Unknown says:

Thomas is an unconvicted rapist.He's also guilty of financial fraud, taking bribes and tax evasion, not to mention conflict of interest. For four years, his wife took in nearly $700,000 in kickbacks from a rightwing "think tank" while reporting his wife's income as $0. He has repeatedly ruled on the side of that "think tank".

51-55 male says:

He should apologize to Anita Hill.

26-30 male says:

Why shouldn't he remain? Supreme Court Justices have to make decisions on how our rule of law is applied in the United States and typically... those applications stay that way forever! So voicing decent along with other Justice's is a good thing. If they all automatically agreed to everything, there would be no room for healthy debate and the decision making process would be thrown to the wind like it was no big deal.

Unknown says:

No. He has waaaay too many conflicts of interests. He never contributes to any arguments. Plus he is one of those responsible for George Bush Jr being appointed President. His wife finally did move on from her job in some "Tea Party" organization.

56-60 male says:

C'mon, he's the best Justice money can buy.