Friday, March 25, 2011

"Politics is big business". Is this true?

41-45 male says:

Yes unfortunately

41-45 female says:

Yes, it's big business about big business.It's also about the people but many Politicians simply don't care about you and me.

51-55 male, Florida says:

Yeah and so is war. :-/

56-60 says:

You can go to or to (both non-partisan) and see exactly how big a business it is. You can look up your senator or member of Congress and see the major sources of campaign money, contributors, and how that person voted (within 30 days of receiving the bucks) on legislation relating to that interest group/corporation. For starters, you might want to check out the chief sources of campaign money given to "Bawling Boehner." Fascinating.

36-40 male, Florida says:

The Supreme Court's decision to open the floodgates of unfettered anonymous spending on behalf of politicians is one the of the greatest threats our great democracy has ever faced. Too bad the vast majority of Americans don't even know about it, or for that matter don't know what the supreme court is or whose on it.

46-50 male says:


56-60 female says:

That is what I hear and read and it does make sense when you think about it.

56-60 female, Massachusetts says:

Politics and Religion and drugs including prescription.. Big Big business. Whatever involves money and power is big business.

51-55 female says:

You bet it is.

41-45 male says:


56-60 male says:

Like Big Time Religion, just fleece the flock, grab what you can (Physical or Monetary or both) for yourself and leave the rest of them (us) hanging.

61-65 says: