Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do you think we have reached peak oil?

36-40 male says:


26-30 male says:

Yes and it is pretty much impossible to say exactly when that point is since the oil producing nations no longer have to prove they have the reserves they put on paper so they can pretty much make up any numbers they want.

36-40 male says:

Are you just ignoring all the oil in the U.S. that isn't being drilled?

46-50 male, Texas says:

Petroleum analysts were saying 2011 or 2012 looked like the fateful year of the beginning of the downward slope, but the unexpected happened. The Great Recession hit and demand for oil dropped by some 4 million barrels a day. OPEC got its act together and cut production dramatically leaving spare production capacity (oil wells ready to produce but shut down due to no market for their product). This situation is only temporary though. As the relentless economies of China and India ramp up, we can expect Hubbard’s Peak to resume its inevitable downward slope. My guess is we're smack in the middle of the highest peak of the bell-shaped-curve right now – ranging from late 2009 to 2014.

41-45 male, Kansas says:

Does it matter? Although the need for oil is not going to go away anytime soon, the fact that the price is rising tends to make alternatives more attractive and, therefore, more likely to be implemented. Things may not be comfortable for a long while during the transition, but the world is no more likely to come to an end from declining oil production than it did from declining whale oil production

41-45 male says:

Looking at its price you would think so.

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36-40 male says:

We have more oil that has not been drilled for than all of the oil produced in the Middle East. The EPA is stopping us from being able to use our own resources and it keeps people from working and the United States from being the #1 self sustaining country in the world.

41-45 male, California says:

The wikileaks people released files that said Saudi Arabia does not have as much oil as he world thinks.They are the number one producer of oil if that is true then we have reached the worlds peak oil production.

36-40 male says:

according to the doom and gloom prophets of talk radio, we hit that point a couple years ago. Although they haven't mentioned it lately. Strange how that is . . .

26-30 female says:

Couldn't tell ya, I'm not friends with anyone in the oil business. But we should get off of that stuff ASAP!

31-35 female, Illinois says:

I believe we are at peak oil...and as far as drilling the excess oil here, good luck. If there is any reserve oil here, it is going to take oil to get at the new oil, LOL.