Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do you feel that expressing racial slurs should be protected under free speech?

31-35 male says:

Everything should be covered. That's why it's called "free speech"

61-65 male, Texas says:

Two thoughts.
1. I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

2. Every man has a right to utter what he thinks truth, and every other man has a right to knock him down for it. Nuff said. One and Done.

70+ male says:

Yes expressing them not directing them.

46-50 male says:

Yes, like almost everything else is protected under free speech. In this case, it's important because there is not always agreement on what constitutes a racial slur and what doesn't. I consider "gringo" a racial slur; it certainly is often used in a tone that is far from kind and neighborly. But you can bet La Raza and its allies would fight tooth and nail against defining it as such. When things are so subjective the only solution is for the government to butt out.

56-60 male says:

ya free speech

51-55 female says:

Free speech is self explanatory. expression is very important for each individual regardless of their maturity level. I'm not into racial slurs myself but I've been known to make negative comments about extremely low slung pants, high heels, bound feet and many other forms of self imprisonment.

41-45 female says:

At the risk of sounding archaic........I have a problem with this.You only need to look at the evidence of the past to see the power of a persons opinions inciting people with horrific Holocaust, Jim Jones, Charles Manson. I know this is extreme but some people are weak and gullible and unable to make up their own minds about some issues....Also, free speech and PC are very different issues.

41-45 male says:

Yes! Changing words in old books is ludicrous. I'm not really even fond of all the hyper-sensitive PC talk we are all expected to do now.

31-35 female, Illinois says:

I think I freedom to speak should be protected but harassment should be hindered. Harassment is not tolerated on any level. When an individual’s right is infringing on the right of another, we have a problem. People only want laws to service them, but if it disservices another, then they are quite okay with that.

31-35 male,Virginia says:

I think EVERYTHING should be protected under free speech. A couple months ago a man went to jail for writing a book about **********. Not for child molestation, just for writing. That shouldn't happen in the United States.

36-40 male says:

Thee question is biased because it used the term 'slurs' which is subjective. If you really mean 'slurs' then I answer NO WAY, but if you mean 'comment'.... a much longer and more complex answer is required.