Friday, March 18, 2011

Rep Kathleen Passidomo feels a dress code should be enforced on girls after a 11 yr old was raped; what do you think?

22-25 female says:

i dont think girls should be punished for what those pigs do. Its so unfair.

31-35 female says:

It doesn't matter how they are dressed the sick perverts are gonna do it anyway

51-55 male says:

Rape is an act of violence, and is not driven by the way the 11 year old was dressed. Representative Passidomo is dead wrong on this one. Perhaps a frontal lobotomy would help her

41-45 female says:

I say castrate all the men under 90 yrs old. And have those 18 animals castrated and rot in jail their whole lives

46-50 female says:

That is ignorant and offensive. By now most people know that is not the psychology of a rapist - how you are dressed has nothing to do with it. What a dumbass.

31-35 female says:

It’s a sad time that we live in to place fault on a child, or any victim for such a callous act, a hate crime, a dehumanization of another human being. Was she not aware that 18 animals assaulted a child? The way this child dressed should not even be an issue. And God forbid if we start enforcing more dress codes on our children or any person for that matter. A predator is a predator. Hate is hate. Dress codes does not put a halt to or slow down predators and their actions.