Monday, February 7, 2011

What's at risk if the United States pulls their backing from the Egyptian Government?

bluberdiblubber says:

democracy is a process, not an outcome. israel didn't make many friends among the arab people, only with the elites, so there's at most more cold peace to hope for (at least a 70:30 chance because the uprising is definitely secular and young, muslim brotherhood has maybe 30% of the people and barely anyone in the army). obviously, the religious people deserve representation (like the evangelicals here) but i very much doubt the 18-30 y old would like to go for too religious an angle. exchange a police state for a mullah state? this sort of clarity comes only from watching foxnews. i'd be a lot more scared of revolution if i were ahmadinejad, whose regime oppresses the young. however, i think they should try and solve that dispute over that piece of desert called palestine to integrate israel into the neighbourhood. according to wikileaks, there's a compromise possible. but i don't think egypt needs such a big army anyway, so pull the plug on the money train until we are back in the black. i dont see much of a risk.

conceptualclarity says:

If the Muslim Brotherhood takes over it will be a disaster for the US and the Egyptian people both. Egypt will become a base for terrorism, likely including al-Qaida. The Islamists will do in Egypt what they did in Iran : create a regime far more repressive than its predecessor and butcher tens of thousands of people. Women and Coptic Christians will suffer more than the rest. Poverty will be worsened by a new arms race as the Islamists prepare for war with Israel.

imabear says:

A new regime that will not blindly follow our dictates. That is why we support Mubarek - even at the cost of democracy for the Egyptian people - because he is so indebted to us that he follows our orders. Somewhat hypocritical for a nation (the US) that touts itself as pro-democracy for the world.

pkaram says:

a new war between the Israel and the Arabic countries**** Check Camp David Accords

bunnypoeta says:

!!! :) They lose a strong Alie in that zone & many tinny Wars, will be created over that Action :) !!! !!! :) Best Wishes; Do You know how to play Chess? They Do; Take Care :) !!!