Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is the United States' interest in the Middle East and Egypt?

2Emotional says:

Egypt controls the Suez Canal and that's where the oil comes through.

bunnypoeta says:

!!! :) Many are the reasons & many dont even dream about them, but, Oil (wealth) is one major objectives, that resumes also to POWER, that, they lost & are loosing :) !!!!!! :) Best Wishes; Only a fool don't See their Leaders, Selfish Games; Take Care :) !!!

pkaram says:

Isreal, Petrol, and the gate to the East

ChakatBlackstar says:

There are a couple things. Aside from the usual concerns about oil and other commerce going through the Suez canal, the middle east is largely unstable. If governments fall and the areas become more lawless that can result in a breeding ground and a safe haven for more powerful criminal and terrorist organizations, as well as leave the civilian population to the mercy's of anyone in the area who carries an assault rifle.

Newvoices says:

Hmmm help me to understand ..when did the US Government get into the Oil Business