Friday, February 4, 2011

Should you teach the history of racism to your children?

imabear says:

Yes. What is interesting to note is that people of color have no choice but to teach their kids about racism since that knowledge can help their kids stay safe. Kids of color need to know in order to be aware of the dangers of racism that they risk facing every day. Imagine having to do that - to explain to your child that he/she may be called names, discriminated against, even be the victim of violence all because of their skin color. White kids need to know, too. There will always be racist people out there, but education and understanding are great tools in the fight against it.

Theshepherdess says:

Every parent should raise their children to know what prejudice is, how to spot it, and how to stand up to it.Unfortunately, I think too many people are not able to do this because they weren't taught this themselves. And so the cycle continues.........................

enna30 says:

Any white person who claims they have been the subject of racism needs to know that she/he is reaping the results of generations of mistreatment BY white people of other cultures, ethnicities, religions, etc. Whilst it is probably true that YOU personally did not inflict racist comments, actions. etc on anyone, you nevertheless are a representative of the group that DID do that. What is the answer? IMO "suck it up"! You are still (even today sadly) benefiting from being one of the group that has been the MAIN one involved in inflicting racism on the world. It will be wonderful when no-one feels the need to retaliate against whites (or any other group) because racism is long gone from our cultures.BTW I am a white woman aged 59 years. And yes, I too have sometimes been discriminated against because I'm white. But what I DO know is that this is just the tiniest taste of what others have experienced. So it makes me even MORE aware of the horror that is racism.

blynnbarrister says:

Of course! Bad things happen, we need to face this. Ignorance is a step to racism.

BennyRidesAgain says:

Strange how racism is always assumed to be AGAINST coloured people. In the UK there are areas that WHITE people would dare not venture. (unless they have a death wish). Of course the History should be taught. How are we to avoid making the same mistakes, as have happened in the past, without even knowing about them.

BittenDog says:

I certainly have taught my kids about racism and feel it is important.

soursweet says:

I'm not sure there is such thing as a history of racism, more like the history of humans meeting humans and mistreating each other, and it's not over.

towhead2 says:

I think the golden rule applies in it's simplicity it covers it all. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

xxLizRockszz says:

Perhaps not the history... not until they're older. It's a pretty heavy subject. I think that I would just tell them to treat all people the same way, despite their appearance, as a good foundation.

Naturallytanned says:

No, but make sure they don't grow up ignorant of it. Teach them the history of what different races have done to each other over the years based on race, religion, culture and gender and let them draw their own conclusions from what they find out.Teach them to open their eyes and look at the world as it is, and not how they think it should be, and remind them to put themselves in other people's shoes and try to imagine the world from their perspective.Teach them to love people for their differences and they will have no need to learn about the history of racism, they will learn about it all by them selves.

Crazykitten73 says:

Anyone can be considered children. Teens and adults can be considered children, although most have seen enough of racism to know very well what's gone on in the past.Innocence is generally just sugar-coated ignorance, and I think we should strive to teach our children something every day, including the bad things of life.If you don't teach your kids that bad things will happen in life, they will be completely at a loss when something bad happens, or things don't go their way.Obviously we should teach of prejudice. ALL prejudice is wrong.