Thursday, February 17, 2011

Obama is considering cutting the Pell Grant, what do you think?

Naturallytanned says:

Both Obama and the GOP are dancing around the two white elephants in the room... the two wars that are sucking the life out of our economy. That is where the cuts need to start...

Sleeplessinla says:

Why the hell don't we stop illegal aliens from attending college? Why don't we stop giving them welfare and food stamps? Lets start cutting the budget there.

skyblueyedgirl says:

The same thing i think about everything else he considers doing or does. I dont think he knows what hes doing! but I'll be nice and stop there......

stronggreeneyes says:

Of course he is. Why help people who want to better themselves? This guy is dangerous.

mcmliii says:

What a wonderful idea! Let's cut more educational funding, so our students have even less of a chance to compete globally. Let's reduce even further the pool of qualified applicants for high-tech jobs so that our companies are forced to recruit overseas or relocate there. This ties in so well with all the rhetoric in the President's State of The Union address.