Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is abortion wrong?

Newvoices says:

I think the focus should be on prevention , if we have gotten to the decision should I have an abortion ,we have failed. And lastly it's not my body, nor my life.

eddie87 says:

It's better than being thrown into a dumpster... on the contrary though, yes. I don't agree with it for the most part, but in certain scenarios I do (rape).

reachingshore says:

All I am going to say is: MY business is NONE of your damn business.

Moonpenny says:

It's a highly personal subject and no-one has the right to judge another person's choice on the matter.

ViciousIllusion says:

Nothing is more heartbreaking than taking the life of such an innocent person who has no defense to claim. There are exceptions that perhaps can justify this cause of action (rape, quality of life for the child if there is a known deformity etc)If you can research the reality of abortion truthfully and understand what is involved and see how that fetus is ripped apart and disposed of or done away with in some other fashion then tell me what your answer is.If you were to walk into a clinic and request another's life to be ended, I would imagine that this would result in murder. I fail to see any difference between taking the life of a 30 year old or a 5 week old fetus, both have heart beats

BetNic says:

To the person that said abortion is convinient. Obviously you've never had one. Coming from a woman who has, there was nothing "convinient" about it. It's a painful decision a painful proceedure and it's painful for the rest of your life every single time you think about it. I'm not going to go into why I had one. Because that's my business and none of anyone else's. But lets just put it this way...I believed abortion was wrong until I had to make that choice. And it was by far one of the most horrible gut wrenching and agonizing decisions I've ever had to make. But in the end. It was the best choice for me to go thru with having one.

manicmona says:

Yes, its murder! Of a baby at that. If a pregnant women is murdered everyone is shocked and in some states the unborn is counted. But a women can kill her own baby, and the father has no say in the matter. Its pure b.s.!

welanga says:

Even if there's a great risk of the baby being born severely disabled, I still think abortion is wrong. A life is a life at the end of the day, and no one should decide whether or not they will take that away from another...

olokiju says:'s murder in my opinion.

Serabi says:

Yes.It's not the babies fault the mother got pregnant. And murdering it is a selfish act.

LitamalianTherpo says:

Abortion is not wrong, because either the mother or soul are not ready. There are cases where children are stillborn when they are delivered. This could be the case where the mother concieved the physical fetus, however the body has no soul, so it is born "dead." Not that this happens all the time, but there are instances when the mother is not ready for her son or daughter, the soul hovering over the mother to become her child can wait until the mother is ready.Of course, some people seem to think that the fetus is being killed, but there are many instances where the mother learns that her child could be born with a high risk factor that the mother does not wish the child to experience. In this case, the mother has a right to say no thank you.On the religious front, let me ask, what do you know God says is right and wrong? The bible or whatever book you adhere to is the word of man, it was written by men for the sake of following a religion. If you believe that God told man that these are the laws of life and that they should be written down, I wonder if you are truely understanding who God is. There is more to this than meets the eye.Whether you believe abortion is wrong or not is a matter of how you see the world. The truth is, every body must have a soul or it will be like a vegetable in the sense that it won't move like humans. The soul does not connect and stabilize until it in in the 6th month of pregnancy. That's when it becomes firmly attached to the body that is growing in the mother.There are many aspects to this whole concept that I could write a book about it, but I will say that if you're not ready, don't bother, get aborted and that includes raped women and teenagers. If you're ready, it's fine have the kid.

purplelady56 says:

Yes , people fight against the death penalty for someone that has commited some heinous crime yet its legal to walk into a clinic and terminate a innocent life that has no say.

commongroundseekr says:

Yes abortion is wrong, I wouldn't even have one if I was rapped for the right option in that case would be adoption! If the fetus had downs syndrom I would keep it even if it were missing half a brain it deserves to live, if it died of natural causes at birth then at least they could give the baby pain medication for it to go comfortably!

OdiumIncantatum says:

Not to me. Everyone has their beliefs on this subject, no opinion is right or wrong. I personally find no fault with it.

puck61 says:

It would be wrong for me to have one.

bunnypoeta says:

!!!...If it is Abortion, just for not having the child, YES IT IS WRONG, but, this subject, can have other paths, that i agree with the possibility of abortion & it is for sure in extreme cases, such as a traumatic abuse (rape) & many other, painful truth's, that, the majority of Us, don't Understand or Respect, if they don't Feel it like many of Us have Felt, in this Selfish Modern Society that all of Us live in & not to know this, is for sure to be BLIND in the most SELFISH way possible...!!!!!!...Best Wishes; A Life is a Life; Take Care...!!!

bronagh1 says:

Its not as simple as that...there are instances where a woman feels its her only option, it has to be her choice.

PurpleButterfly73 says: