Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why do you think so many young people are still uninterested in politics?

ChakatBlackstar says:

Because, it doesn't matter what the younger generation thinks, because these politicians are all the same. They're all old-fashioned, most of them are conservative, and far too many are bigots. Until the older generation of politicians die off there's nothing we can do, so most people my age figure "why bother?". I'm one of the ones who does participate in the elections, so when the wrong candidate takes charge I can say "not my fault, I voted for the other guy".

Kowen says:

Are you refering to to the (GIM/ME,GIM//ME) youth of today,who have to have it today and "NOW",and go into debt for $20,000 to achieve that target. And later on,when things get beyond their control,expect the parents or Grandparents to bail them out of (DEBT). Why would you feel that they would be interested in how their country is going,and if their vote may help to make it better for them. NO!!!!! they would rather blame the adults for the way thingsare turning out, (SELFISH LITTLE GITS), OKAY!! i'VE HAD MY WHINGE,SO !!!Who's next. LOL.