Monday, January 10, 2011

What do you really feel about affirmative action?

Taken from New Yorker

Ketsan says:

Discrimination to counter discrimination, ergo logically flawed. It makes the statement that a person from a minority can only get a job if white people force other white people to give that minority person a job and therefore assumes and reinforces the idea that the person from a minority is inferior to white people.If you can say with reasonable cause "That person is only here because they're from a minority" then you've not created a positive situation and in fact you've saddled someone who may be perfectly able to get on in life on their own with the suspicion that they're crap

Gnatfree says:

It was a good idea that turned into a quota system. Forced diversity is rarely positive.

DoctorIrwin says:

I think it was a good idea but it never worked, and the people who it was suppose to help hate it the most.

MarriedUnlovedandAlone says:

It is reverse discrimination.

thwya says:

It is a form of discrimination, pure and simple. Which leads to the question: Why?Standard answer: They can't compete on an equal footing.Which begs the follow up question of why?Answer: Either they don't have equal access to resources to prepare them or they are not capable regardless of access to resources.If they don't have equal access to resources then fix the system to give them equal access to resources.If they are not capable regardless of access to resources then you are artificially benefiting one group over another- which is discriminatory.OR.... AA is meant to address a prior "wrong doing/ pattern of behavior" which "kept them from being successful."If it is meant to address prior wrong doings... when have you "paid back enough" so that the debt has been repaid?