Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We see divisiveness amongst political parties; but how can peacefully work together as a people, with our differences?

kingdan121 says:

There has always been bitter differences between the two main political parties in America. It's a good thing. If both main parties agreed on too many things then the risk of the people's rights being trampled in the name of what's "needed" is too severe. Much like the three branches of the fed govt keep a dictatorship from taking hold.The problem isn't vigorouys political debate. The problem is that the media has chosen to support a paricular world view instead of simply reporting the news. The media has costitutional protections because without an honest media the people can't resolve their political differences long enough to get important work done. With a crooked media refusing to let the people decide what should be done we end up with one side of the political debate NEVER accepting that they have lost. The media has turned the "news" into a 24 hour a day election cycle...we can't set aside differences long enough to get things done, because politicians have to be "campaining" non-stop instead of governing.The main thing to remember is that everyone who disagrees with me is a doo-doo head! :)

BittenDog says:

It required people to try understand one another. The problem with democracy is that appearing to understand or sympathize with your opponent doesn't seem to get votes.

Ambivilent says:

We are now dealing in a corporacracy; meaning our politicians are being elected, and must do what the corporate wealthy dictate. The only way for it to change is for the masses to understand and take a stand!