Monday, January 31, 2011

The Ultima Dell'Amor Model for Country

A unit that sees value in each part can manifest anything! This is why hatred, harming, racism, prejudice and so on, does not work.

By utilizing the Ultima Dell'Amor Model, a country can exist as a solid iron machine. A country can not be great, if it is harming parts in its unit. It can not perform at its optimum.

We can not be harmonious in a multicultural, multiracial society, with out nurturing its heterogeneity. We can not enforce dominant homogeneous ideals on a society that exists with differences. These very things can be destructive to a unit.

Ultima Dell'Amor's model explains it perfectly...

My belief is that we are constantly changing and forming whether we know it or not. The shaping stems from our everyday experiences, education/information and other contributing factors. Is it possible to change forms while existing in a relationship? Yes. Sometimes the very shaping of our forms can turn out good or it can turn out bad. The effects of our shape can be productive or counterproductive. Our ideas, way of being, outlook on things change shapes from the time we were born, when we enter relationships, throughout the relationship, even if and when the relationship ends and thereon after, until we no longer exist. Influences can come from the relationship itself just as well anything that is outside of the relationship. These influences can very well be things that existed prior to the relationship, without even being aware of how these things can condition its form. I believe we can control these influences to shape and form our ideal relationship. Not only can we control these influences, we have power over them. Our relationships can very well be the ideal; the one we longed for and sought after.

"The goal" is to focus on these positive things that stimulate and enhance relationships, the very things that allow it to become a solid steel iron machine, one that is absolutely unbreakable by the parts itself or any outside forces. These are things that allow each party to excel in their roles, while strengthening as a unit. I do not believe in breaking another human being, not even to reshape or to mold them. Breaking any part of the unit is harming the unit itself. If a part of that machine is fractured or broken, the unit is weakened or it is no unit at all, but only parts that is out performing the others in its workload and is eventually worn out and weakened through strain and over performance. So that machine does not last. The parts may eventually be replaced or they are no longer of good use.

There is no need to break, when we have the very ability to change forms. This is the fabulous thing about being a human being; we are naturally adaptable, we are transformable, transcendent and even transmissible, meaning we can change ourselves, we can cause change in one another and that change extends beyond those it was designed to change. In order to strengthen the machine and make it dynamic, every part needs maintenance and care whether the role is leader/member, parent/child or husband/wife. The care of one part over the other, should not relegate to its responsibilities. Regular maintenance and care to all parts of the unit should be priority. This ensures the machine of its optimum performance.

The unit's purpose is to harmoniously perform, to strive for betterment and ultimately its perfection. To obtain this sort of height in any relationship, it has to perform and operate in unison while maintaining its individual responsibilities. Regular tunes-ups are needed. These tune-ups consist of incorporating positive elements, rituals and practices which promotes a heightened state of existing while striving for its perfection, by shaping, strengthening and growing until it obtains what I call the "Ultima Dell'Amor" (Ultimate Love).