Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some people feel that the American middle class is dissolving; what do you think?

Brainy Blonde says:

It is, unfortunately. I feel sad to be an American during the decadent part of its historical life. These last few years seem to be the mop up of what was left of the old middle class. Our culture, our world, our freedom are all disappearing and sometimes it is hard for me to think about it.

Kriss99 says:

Some people feel it is disolving? No. It's a statistical fact. The cause is up for some debate. Do you want to talk about why? I'm would put money on globalization because it drives down labor costs while plowing the cost savings into the hands of the richest.

Wages are in real terms 12% lower than they were in the 1970s in the US.

Gnatfree says:

The middle class is disappearing. We are seeing the largest Income gap ever, and the richest americans control almost the entire country. We are no longer a land of the free, it is now the land of the buy one get one free.

Backintown says:

Scratching and clawing, holding on with a tight grip!!! I refuse to be part of the majority, luckily I didn't have much debt before the economy went stagnant!! But just today I signed a new contract for my business...We can't give up the fight!!! I had to cut prices yess, but I'm filling the hole I fell in!!!