Saturday, January 8, 2011

So 5000 birds died and 100000 fish died in Arkansas, so now another 500 birds dropped dead in Louisiana; what's going on?

Oddandsingular says:

" They" are already reminding us that Blackbirds have a population of 200 million plus so there are plenty more and we should just chill. I am not going to believe any reason they give. Fireworks didn't kill the fish 125 miles away or the 500 birds 360 miles away.

SelangorNight says:

Sing a song of suspense
A pocket full of lies
Five thousand blackbirds
Dropped from the skies
People in the white house
Said ‘they’re only crows’
Is it just a cover up?
No one really knows

Katy0204 says:

Not only are the magnetic poles shifting, The earths crust is shifting too. For the past few months Arkansas has experienced a record high amount of earthquake activity. Most being on a low magnitude, but still I think it's over 500 earthquakes since September, and rising. This movement in the crust causes bouts of methane to be released into the atmosphere. Methane rises, and could quite easily envelope a flock of birds, almost instantaneously asphyxiating them. It's not fireworks, it's not extreme weather (as the world has been experiencing that for months now), and I have to say I doubt that man made "drilling" is causing it either. Although I think it could possibly have something to do with chemtrails, I honestly think these sort of mass dieouts have happened for thousands of years and are reffered to in many religious texts. Now I'm not a religious person, I'm complete atheist. But I do think these texts have relevance when attempting to explain natures ways. This has all happened before, it's nothing that earth hasnt gone through before. Im not saying the world is going to end. But I do believe something significant will happen soon. And I believe that there is a huge media cover up being put into position to pull the wool over our eyes. Some of the explanations news reporters have come out with are extremely comedic!!!! Keep your eyes and ears open guys and don't accept the spoon fed BS that your govts feed you. I think these kind of events are only going to increase. Think for yourself, question authority!