Monday, January 10, 2011

Now that the United States has a black president, is racism a thing of the past?

Igneous says:

Not until they update Mount Rushmore

Eonistic says:

the question itself shows the answer is no. also the government still promotes racism through offering minorities special programs.

RRK1 says:

Would that it were. I think electing a black president has brought racism to the forefront, but under the guise of political differences.The US has to be one of the most racist and classist countries in the world pretending to be a democratic society. The ideals of the constitution are wonderful. It's the putting into practice that sucks donkeys.

mmmp says:

It's unfortunate that the people were not prejudiced toward dishonest thieves, and murderers, then some of the past presidents would have never been elected.

firegod74 says:

No. And the reasons start with your question "Black President". You are recognizing his race and not just his party or name. Then Our countries have Black Colleges, Womens universities, we have Metis Councils and Aboriginal education initiatives.Till all thats thrown out the window and we are all treated equal, we will never be free of racism

Volinva says:

Go visit the south for a while and your question will be emphatically answered.

Babe86 says:

no, there are people who HATE the president just because the president is black doesnt automatically make people love blacks now

ChakatBlackstar says:

No...sadly. It hasn't really changed opinions, it just made some opinions quieter.