Thursday, January 20, 2011

A large American based corporation should show compassion to out of work Americans, or look out for its profit margin?

Rolle2323 says:

Corporations which are answerable to shareholders who are looking to increase their profits are not notoriously patriotic.

New Voices says:

Unfortunately this country has been founded on profit in place of compassion. So the corporation will never look out for anyone else beside themselves. Free labor is what started this country on it's road to dominance, and now the big corporations has found out that it worked in the past and all they have to do is get very cheap labor and profits will skyrocket . So now there is no turning back they all want very little labor cost .They will never going to bring jobs back to the USA or even try , that would not be in their best interest unless the American worker is willing to work for less than what a worker in India or China is costing their company.

calicuz says:

I don't believe in corporations showing compassion..... They are business' not charities. They must look out for their profit margins or no one will invest in their company and the value of the stock will drop and then no one will want to do business with them and then production will fall off and then they will have to lay off employees. If there was less regulation that would allow them to expand their business they would increase their profit margin then increase the value of their stock then more people would want to do business with them then production would increase to the point where they would have to expand and build new production plants and then they would hire more employees.

God I love this country!!!!!!!!!!