Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is it unfair for Sarah Palin to be under political scrutiny?

Brad Goins says:

Yes. But I do think it's reasonable for her to be under whatever kind of scrutiny is appropriate for somebody who's dumb enough to put cross-hairs next to a person's name.

Aether71 says:

No... it is too bad that she has to learn the consequence of her words and actions at someone else's expense.

Lilyinbloom says:

She's a self-proclaimed "politician" and she makes it a point to use every available platform at her disposal. Resulting, why should she be immune to scrutiny? Also, she's a huge idiot whose only agenda should be learning how to read a book (or map, as she's infamously proved she couldn't).

Dave748 says:

I think that she should absolutely be taking heat for this incident. When you use violence based metaphors and rhetoric, you deserve to be questioned. Whether or not she inspired this specific person, she has contributed to idea that political violence is acceptable.