Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Does a woman stand a chance of becoming president in the USA?

Alexishappy says:

Yes. The Clinton/Obama matchup was largely an insider/outsider narrative. The nation was ready to express greater diversity in its choice for President. Nancy Pelosi has been exercising great leadership, presiding over the most successful House perhaps ever. For the right person at the right time, no problem. Thre need to be more women in general in leadership roles in government so that a suitable candidate can emerge and take the next step.

Loveconfused22 says:

Out of all the females running I would say no. And honestly, even being a lady, I don't see it happening anytime soon. Some men are scared of powerful ladies, that is life. Not even that, but I am not sure how well a lady would do in the situation since they handle war and stress much more differently than men. I am 24 and female, and I don't really see it happening in my life time

4vrUnique says:

Yes. If you look at US history. First African Americans got their freedoms (Emancipation Proclamation), then women got their freedom to vote. So now that the US has elected the first African American president, women now have a future chance.