Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do you think the recession will take a shift in 2011, if so what sort of shift?

Wannashareit says:
It will only get worse and governments know it. But they can't say that out load because the downfall would be even faster then. We outlived our financial system worldwide. It will collapse. For one because to make a profit you have to "add value" to a product or with a service. You only add or service when there is a problem, so we create a problem and then make a profit on it, that will not work much longer. The second reason is that the banks learned nothing, tax-payers around the world rescued the banks, on this moment the old boys network is up and running again as if nothing happened. Then we have China to deal with, India is growing rapidly, both should, why only wealth in Europe and The States.......... These problems can't be solved within our now existing system. How long it takes and how it will raise, I don't know, but it will go down. Sorry to say ;(