Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do you think the political climate is responsible for the Arizona shooting, or was this an isolated incident?

HallieParker says:

Yes, but I extend your question to cover all of America. For some reason we as a country have decided that human being who disagree with us have no value regardless of whether we are liberal, conservative, or independent in our political leanings. Or it has always been like this, but we just have better media coverage than in the past.

LoneBlogger says:

Personally, I feel like we are going to be seeing more things happen like this. First of all, there are lot of crazy people out there. Secondly, when an event like this happens, the attention of the whole world gets focused on the event. If the shooter or bomber is craving attention, then they just hit the mother lode when things got ugly. Thirdly, I think that the media is partly responsible. A lot of details get so dramatized and scrutinized and people's tragedies get replayed over and over and over at the expense of their privacy. CNN wouldn't even be able to stay on the air unless there was a tragedy somewhere in the country or the world.

Lumos says:

isolated incident. that quite possibly wouldn't have happened if the gun control laws enacted in the early 90s were still in place (assault weapons ban, etc).