Friday, January 28, 2011

Do you think feminist women that are in leadership treat other women worse than any patriarchal system treats them?

(Are feminist women that are in leaderships roles honoring their own system, that men and woman are equal, that women have just as much value as the man? Is the feminist woman biased towards younger, attractive women or even women that have less status than they do?)

Lucinnda says:

the ones who do that are not feminists. they are egoists using feminism as a facade.

soursweet says:

I think many female leaders are not even feminists, and the definition of feminism depends on each woman calling herself so. Some will say taking responsibilities is in itself a feminist move, others that a feminist must fight against any discrimination, and adopt a perfect attitude in every situation.

clarkee says:

women in power are not necesarily feminists. the opposite of patriarchy is not matriarchy but fraternity. feminists goals are to have a political structure that would be coopertive and not competitive.

tonyt53 says:

Absolutely not! Your self determined definition of a "feminist" appears to be based upon the biased opinion of others which represent a negative stereotype of a strong, intelligent woman, who is every bit as equal to most tasks as a man - they do not stay at home pregnant and/or walk behind their husbands. Most could care less about the looks or age of another female, just their abilities. By the way, I am married to a former state "Miss" (she was in top five finalists for Miss USA back in mid-70's), who is also a VP in the It division for a major hospital group. If the people under her can't perform their jobs, male or female, then she has a problem with them.