Sunday, January 9, 2011

AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot, What the ##** is going on?

As BBC News often says "It's another case of a familiar American story: an angry man with a gun taking matters into his own hands."It's kinda par for the course in America, at least from everyone else's point of view. To be honest it's not even all that news worthy except that a congresswoman got shot. From what I've heard the guy responsible is an anti-government nut, the kind that exemplifies the epic logic and rational thought fail that characterises so much of America's population. It's what you expect when you combine an education system so shoddy that it allows ID to be taught as equal to evolution with a society where just about anyone can buy a gun.

Penguinswon says:

let's not be so quick to dismiss this as the actions of a nutcase. It's a very easy way to excuse the hate speech the GOP have been ginning up so effectively. These are a bunch of high school boys who skipped history class. The angry hate speech was a joke to them (especially Karl Rove). Now. Not so funny. I recall only a week ago, an American analyst proudly comparing the outcome of our election to the shooting of an official in Pakistan. Well folks, that remark in itself was racist. Now it's racist and ironic. How the mighty have fallen.

Evesharvest says:

Tragic. She received threats and her office was vandalized after she voted for the healthcare reform bill. There also was a federal judge there who was killed, who was under protection after allowing a civil rights suit to proceed against a local rancher. She was more likely the target, since it was her event. but who knows at this point?Yes, the shooter is nutcase, no doubt, but the inflammatory rhetoric and "crosshairs" compliments of Sarah Palin--we may never know what contribution it made. But I hope this tragic incident tones the rhetoric down, especially violent rhetoric. Gabrielle Giffords may live, but six people died, including a 9-year-old girl attending the event with her family.