Sunday, January 30, 2011

Are Liberals more tolerant of Conservatives or are Conservatives more tolerant of Liberals?

solowing says:

In my experience, both aren't all that tolerant of the other, being either outright hostile or so condescending as to be insufferable.

Chiquita69 says:

Conservatives do not tolerate anything other than someone that is IDENTICAL to themselves.(Conservatives = Stepford wives/husbands.)

lauraeclectic says:

well the definition of each of these should make it pretty clear who is more tolerant-liberals

ratburn says:

answer no, but at least the Liberals have a right to not tolerate Conservatives. In a social sense, Conservative values to me are just nasty. Their morals are unreasonable and oppressive based on no research or reason, all tradition. Like theres a reason their values are unpopular. And I hate their infatuation with punishment. Plus they are way too dogmatic.