Thursday, January 27, 2011

After watching President Obama's state of the union address, how do you feel about his speech?

Anonymous says

Much like every other state of the union address ever, except for the effort of uniting for the good of the people that it was a heartfelt effort to unite without political bias shows the impact the arizona shootings have had. it sobered up the bloodthirsty among the politicos.

David Glen-Hart says:

Initially I disliked the man intensely. I tend to be non-partisan, recently he has been winning points for me. The sheer idea that any man can clean-up the mess left by Bush all in one term is absurd. Jesus Christ himself would have probably thrown in the towel by now. I think he is slowly redeeming himself to a cynical public and media who have mastered only one word. "Crucify"...I am an "empath" there is compassion in his eye's. And born in Kenya, what rot. please add citations when making such assertions…