Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Americans Honor

Our president is an honorable man, who expresses humility, not self doubt, according to his critics. You can pose a question and his answers come straight from his heart. He is not feeding the American people a load of hog-wash, which we have formerly and repeatedly experienced from some of our leaders. If we want an egotistical, arrogant, superman for a president, then of course, Barack Obama is not the man. I hope the days are not long gone, before we can open our eyes, to see what a loving individual we have for a president, one that really cares about the American people, and not treating his office as just a job or a badge of honor. And when he is making his decisions, he doing the best when he is deciding what is best for everyone, not just for one American, all Americans.

I would hope Americans decide to stand behind their president and stop acting ashamed and hateful towards a leader in their own backyard and in their own territory.
When will we decide to embrace each other as a Americans, exemplify honor and embrace what this country was originally founded upon? I hope we can decide today. I hope that we can stand behind our president today. And I hope that we will remember why we voted for Barack Obama.