Friday, December 5, 2008

What a terrfic year for women in the political arena!

I wish you guys were all in Chicago. I would love to toast to progress women have made in the political arena. It's thanks to every one of us.

Hillary would not give up even though it was unlikely she would win the nomination from her party, Governor Palin, a mom of 5 kids and holds one of the most influential positions of her state hasover come some obstacles in politics, Obama has added three women to his team, Caroline Kennedy is interested in Hillary's senate seat in New York, Judge Jackie Glass gave OJ time, Elizabeth Hasselback from the view participated in an event with the RNC as well as stood by the candidate of her choice even though she was ridiculed on The View. There is so much more. And I am sure there is more on a local level. It's been quite a year. The glass celing has a crack. And you know when there is a crack in glass, it eventually starts to spread.

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