Friday, October 22, 2010

Missed Opportunity

Did we miss an opportunity

President Obama swept into office, on the voices and hopes of this country being tired of the politics that were being done.The people felt President Obama reflected their passion for change and they overwhelming supported and voted him into office. Unfortunately the dreams and hope of the people came to a screeching halt. we are witnessing the title and the office of the Presidency being shown for what is worth, a figurehead. No matter how good the intentions ,whether they are Democratic or Republican, the system does not speak to the needs of the people. It has become crystal clear that the system has grown to serve and preserve the system. The people have become expendable; what they would say in the military "An acceptable loss". Thousands become unemployed. thousands lose their homes. but the system of Big business and Big government has to stay intact. We the people, missed our opportunity to make a change. we voted either too soon or too late for Presidenet Obama.