Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Greedy Blago

Our current Governor was arrested yesterday for trying to sell Obama's US Senate seat amongst some other charges. I really think it goes back to the old Chicago mafia days when everyone and everything was bought and paid for. Governor Blagojevich also had ties with Tony Rezko who was a political fundraiser and corrupt. Apparently they were buddies. I think the old wheeling and dealing has not changed much and possibly this may be how things are done in some Chicago politics. The whole thing is too surreal. There have been 3 governors that have served time since 1970s'; Otto Kerner was convicted in 1973, Dan Walker in 1987 and George Ryan in 2006. Governor Ryan is still in jail serving a 6 1/2 prison term. Should there be a Governor School or training? So has Governor Blago looked out for the Illinois constituents at all or has it always been about what he will get in return? No wonder we can’t get things done.

How many of these Chicago politicians are not on the straight and narrow? And why do we, as constituents choose to not take more control in the political process and not put more pressure on our legislatures to do their job. I hope all of us become more aware and alert, especially women and minorities; those who may not feel there voices will be heard. We have to stand up to our governments and take more control.