Monday, December 8, 2008

Are you involved in the political process?

Well are you? The goal for Women for Action is to get more women involved. "We the People" mean you. How can you be a Woman for Action? Or how are you taking action? Are you nourishing a future leader? Are you the glue that holds "the family" structure? Did you go back to school? Are you the motivator on the job?
Have you inspired someone to be great? Have you subscribed to being great?

What about sharing your ideas or input to government officials? Think about what kind of letters you would send to your local legislature. Would it be about healthcare, the economy, taxes, education, employment, childcare or social security? Maybe it is none of those things but you definitely have a concern.

Discuss these issues with someone else and ask them what they think. If you ever wanted to change something, what would it be? You have the power to make any change. It was done in this most recent election; an election ran by the people for the people. Let's create a difference together. Let's move one another. Let's make a difference.