Friday, November 28, 2008

Serena William's Humiliation

I was watching a video on from YouTube of Jamie Foxx’s performance of his song “Let Me be Your Tennis Ball’. The song was dedicated to Serena Williams a famous tennis pro, Wimbledon Champion, US Open titles amongst other achievements and awards in tennis. Serena Williams, no doubt is a very stunning beautiful woman who has millions of fans, admirers including men who salivate at images of her.

It is obvious that Jamie Foxx has an admiration for her. He serenaded Ms Serena with the song, “Let Me be Your Tennis Ball” at the ESPY awards ceremony and returned the following year with a remix.
Jamie Foxx’s performance at the ESPY award show was humorous, steamy and flirty. Serena seemed a bit embarrassed maybe flattered. Who knows what she was thinking. But it appeared to be spontaneous and harmless. Honestly, it wasn’t clear if this was a game, a creative stunt by Jamie Foxx or if he was attempting to win Serena Williams’ affection.

Jamie Foxx returned the following year with the remix of “Let Me be Your Tennis Ball”. He included props and backgrounds singers in this performance. It was far more choreographed than last year’s performance. The words to his remixed song included an announcement that she was “dating someone white”. However, what became shocking was his oversize tennis racket. He referred to the racket and asked Serena if she could handle something that size. He also requested Serena Williams to accompany him on stage. He then pulled out a huge BDSM paddle (paddle usually used for pain and pleasure in and out of the bedroom) and asked Serena to hit him hard. If that wasn’t shocking enough he asked Serena to sit down and he proceeded to straddle her, gyrate over her and perform a lap dance for her. It appeared as if Serena was a bit embarrassed. I was embarrassed for her.

I have enjoyed Jamie Foxx’s work; however I was disappointed by this “display of affection” for Serena Williams. I was also disappointed in Serena for publicly allowing this behavior and not speaking up. Maybe she liked it. Maybe she spoke to him later. Maybe there are things I am not aware of. But it did not sit well with me. I felt that she deserved respect. I felt that this incident confirmed that it is ok to disrespect women , to address women sexually without receiving an invitation and to even go as far as violating someone’s personal space, when the feelings of desire arises. There are other ways to show a woman that she is adored. And maybe this was all about Jamie Foxx’s career and not about Serena at all at the expense of humiliating her.

I have included the link to both videos. And you can decipher for yourself!

Tennis Ball 1
Tennis Ball 2

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