Thursday, November 6, 2008

Palin was ran over by a bus!

Has Palin been thrown under a bus? It's a sad thing. Republicans are stating that she is not a leader for the party. It's a nonstop bash of Governor Palin. There is a claim that when she was to be briefed at her hotel, she answered the door with a towel. Also, there is a claim that Nicole Wallace was told to take her shopping and she was to get three suits for Palin and one for Todd Palin. However, supposedly Palin bought much more and spent thousands on her children including gucci shoes for her one daughter. She bought 13 suitcases which can no longer be found. She and her family were given nicknames, "Hillbillies from Wasilla"!
Governor Palin was not ready to be vice president, obviously. So who should be blamed, Palin? They instilled so much confidence in her that she believed she should run. It was obvious that this was a stunt pulled by the RNC. I guess Palin really did have something to lose. Does self respect and reputation count? Anyway, I hope she restores these things, obtain more education, become more confident and get behind those that will support her.
By the way, Governor, Africa is a continent, not a country.
I do believe with some hard work Palin can restore what is needed for herself, her family, for the country and other women.
What don't kill you, makes you stronger! Godspeed Governor Palin!