Monday, November 24, 2008

Are older more accomplished, less attractive women harder on women who are attractive, younger and less/not successful?

This topic came up previously in a group and I believe it is one that needs to be thoroughly addressed. I also think that women should consider finding ways to resolve this problem.
Why do successful women, those who have some sort of muscle, make it difficult for women that are attractive or younger?
Some may say that these older or far more successful women have laboriously worked to be in their current positions so therefore; they are not comfortable with making it easy for another woman. These women may have sacrificed their feminine qualities in order to gain influential roles so therefore they are not sisterly towards a woman who exhibits her feminine qualities.
I am assuming these feminine qualities would mean wearing long hair, painted finger nails, stilettos, and pretty much what Hillary did without during her campaign for presidency. (But there have been women before her that took on a more masculine appearance, for example Madeleine Albright, God bless her.)
Why do you think women forego these qualities? Who made “these rules”? What is the determining principle for these rules?
Do you agree with “these rules”?
As a woman, would you like to continue to stay feminine and still attain the prominent position in your profession? Do you currently think it is possible to have both? If so, was this possibly 10 years ago, 20, or 30?
Women who have obtained a certain amount of success, are they willing to mentor younger, novice women? Are there enough successful women taking roles as mentors?
Women have stated that men have been their mentors and they have found that women are not as open to be mentors while other women state that the only mentors they have had were women. Why do you think this is so?